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I am Vincent, but i go by other nicknames as well. I am constantly uncertain of who or what i want to be and that reflects in my art haha. I am a Slovakian,Ukranian self taught animator n' artist. I love System of a down, Halley labs, Will Wood and the tapeworms, Therion, The paper chase, Oingo Boingo, They might be giants, The dead milkmen and many other musicians/bands. I create the cartoons i want to see. If you like interesting animals, dark and silly topics, i think you'll also like it. I grew up playing some few games from N64 and PS1 and that slowly became one of the majors parts of my life. I also really love entomology, studying psychology, fishing, taxidermy and religious topics, I just find them neat.

I love stuff from 1990 and 2000,mainly cartoons. I am always open up for convos and making new friends. I like to express myself in diffrent ways such as art and animation. My drawings can range from funny,silly and weird to unsettling and depressing. I incorporate lots of my life, from fears to things i hate and things i like, so please know that i never use dark topics for shock value. I have many mental issues that affect me and how I function such as autism, large mood swings, delusions, anxiety and sometimes it is hard for me to understand people,intent sarcasm etc. It can also as well be hard for me to elaborate ideas. Be patient with me. If i do something shitty, let me know with an explanation. I look forward to continuing to grow, explore, and learn, and that's a big part of why I decided to make a personal page at all.


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