I created this website for my personal reasons, and to get better at coding. Hopefully you can know a little more about me through its existence, enjoy your visit!


04-19-2022: Remaking, removing uneeded things

03-6-2022: Not much progress has been made. Just colours of fonts..

02-22-2022: Remaking a lot of stuff. Still a long way to go.

02-16-2022: Rewrote bio.

02-09-2022: Tweaking stuff.

02-08-2022: Actually wrote a bio. And added a bit of userboxes.

02-06-2022: Revamped shrines into a friends website to help them grow.

01-26-2022: Text for the coyote eating a watermelon got corrupt, so i fixed it and replaced it.

01-25-2022: Secrets and bio have been made. I still need to tweak them however.

01-17-2022: Added stamps.

01-13-2022: Made a new layout for media expedition.

01-12-2022: Added more stuff and fixed bg bugs.

01-11-2022: Just made the website.
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