Riddle 🎢
Riddle - He/It/Paw - 18
No nicknames
Animatronic who has a great intrest in more old timey stuff
He is our wild card & we don't know much about it. Paw collects sources to be an introject of. It is an introject of Tenor the fox and The laughing place song as of now.
His special intrests are dancing, ballet, theatre plays, themeparks, dark rides, electroswing music and musicals
He tends to call his close friends brothers and sisters, and has a strange formal way of talking, however he does not like to text so he does not respond to DMs
Riddle likes to age regress and he relaxes via learning about his special intrests
alter identity
Multi-introject intrests holder, Animatronic coyote fox
personal associations
Talkative, curious, mischievous, fun loving!